How secure is this software?
The software is fully secure. The data entered in the software is encrypted and cannot be accessed by anyone.
Is there any customer care number in case we face any issues?

Yes, we have a Toll Free Number 1800 300 28128.

Booking possible with only single person or multiple person?

Booking is possible for anyone who has the password. Multiple appointed people can book at the same time without any overlapping.

How will WF GDP help in generating new leads?

GDP has a product which acts as an advertising tool and therefore help in generating leads without actually spending onĀ advertisement.

Why are you selling this software at such a low price?

We are selling this software for such a low price because we are here to create a business collaboration and the line of product we launch in the future will help in making money for you and us both.

How soon will the software be live?

The software is already live at www.venues.wedfine.com. You can purchase it online from our site or you can contact us so that we will show you a demo. You can even download our app from the app store.

Will the SMS be sent on my name or WF name?

The SMS will be sent in the name of WedFine only. You can have a mask of your own name which is chargeable. Look at the pricing scheme on our site for further information.

Can we add walk-in, phone calls enquiries in the software?

Yes you can easily add walk-in and phone call enquiries by clicking on Add Enquiry button in the Follow Up Manager.

Will the renewal charges increase in future?

We assure you that we the renewal will never increase in future. We may decrease the renewal in the future but it will surely not increase.

WLS camera is included in the package?

Depends on the package opted by the customer. Customers must purchase about server capacity as per their requirement.